Mum's introduction to Malaysian delivery and takeaway food



Thank you for visiting The Rabbit Family Table. I'll introduce myself briefly.


Usagi: Me. Mother. Worked at a travel agency for 14 years before moving to Malaysia. I'm a worrier and has a calm personality.

Daughter: Girl born in 2011. She is witty. She is always on the move and talks a lot.

Son: A boy born in 2014. He is calm and cool. He likes Minecraft.

Papa: He is a quiet man who rarely appears in this blog. He's into fishing and golf.

💙Life in Malaysia

I worked at a travel agency in Japan for a long time. Due to my dad's work, I ended up living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Life in Malaysia is exciting and fun, but I can't go out freely because of the pandemic. There were days when I could not even eat or drink in the restaurant.

Food delivery and takeaway became something I looked forward to during my long lockdown life. I was completely fascinated by the convenience of food delivery in Malaysia.

I've been trying out various food delivery services on a daily basis, so I thought I'd share some information with you.

Malaysia is a paradise of delicious food, let's eat delicious food and enjoy every day!